Voting Scan: The Power of Automatic

scrambled-tvWouldn’t it be great if your TV automatically chose just the right program for you based on your viewing preferences? And wouldn’t it be nice if it always showed the clearest and best picture when switching to that channel?

Having your best options automatically chosen, then provided for you, allows you to concentrate on the task at hand.  In business communications with dealers and vendors, always receiving the best signal allows you to focus on the more important work.

Voting scan is a new feature in Icom’s IDAS™ radios which allows a mobile user to receive the best signal available so they can stay in contact with their internal and external customers. The feature functions just like a popular election. With the frequencies programmed in the radio and parameters and rules set in place, a vehicle can drive all across a geographical area and always capture the best signal as “voted on” by the vote scan capability.

idasFor example, let’s say a truck is driving along a major highway and the driver needs to maintain contact with dispatch to confirm the location of his appointments. With an IDAS™ handheld or mobile radio, a driver can find the best frequency available all along the corridor without manually locating a new frequency. Voting scan automatically finds the strongest signal among the many repeaters along the highway which saves time and makes sure the driver connects to the most effective signal.

With one less distraction on the road, workers on the go can focus on their jobs and communicate with dispatch or customers more efficiently.

Icom’s “voting mode scanning” feature is ideal for industries such as utilities, hospitals, transportation and any market that employs fleet-wide communications over two or more sites. Combine this practical voting function with other IDAS™ features like superior audio coverage and secure conversation to increase your workforce’s overall productivity.

Check out Icom’s F1000D or F3261D portable and F5121D or F5061D mobile for more information. To learn how you can incorporate vote scan and IDAS to your communications system, contact TRN Communications today.

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