Why programming a radio is different than working on them.

Why programming a radio is different than working on them.
Anyone with a computer can program a radio but what are you getting?

When you are looking to have a radio program are you getting the best and “Qualified” service you are paying for?
You need a radio programmed so you go to someone with the software and cable but did they check your radio with a service monitor or just key it up and go “County from radio service, how do you copy?”
If so you need to find someone else to do a full-service job!

Radio Service Equipment

It’s easy to spend a few dollars for software and cable then call yourself a radio programmer but it cost money to buy the correct equipment (service monitor, software and cables), have training in electronics repair and have a valid FCC license to make repairs and adjustments.

When changing anything in programming it’s always good to test the radio on a service monitor to make sure it’s within specifications.
Some of the test to look for are:

  • Frequency Error (is it transmitting and receiving on the correct frequency?)
  • Deviation Level (is the audio being transmitted within the 2.5KHz for narrowband or 5KHz for wideband level?)
  • CTCSS/DPL Level (is the PL or DCSS tone level correct?)
  • Power Output (is the output power too high or too low?)
  • Receiver Sensitivity (is the receiver able to pick up the faintest signal?)

If there is a problem with any of the test above someone with the correct servicing equipment and electronics training can fix the problem either with tuning software or parts replacement.

Error Checking

Electronic parts over time degrade so a good check up with the proper equipment (like going to the doctors) can help keep your communications working beyond it’s expected lifetime and may save your life when it counts.

If the programmer tells you “I have a license from blah blah radio manufacture” well that’s all good and fine I’m glad you purchased the software legally but do you have the other equipment that you need to do the complete job?
I have a license from them and other manufacturers but also have the electronics training, experience and a license from the FCC because this is not only my day job it’s my profession and I take it seriously.

I started playing with electronics at age 8 and received my FCC Licensed at age 9.
I have been involved in electronics and design for almost 40 years including LMR and Satelite, along with being a Contract Broadcast Engineer for many AM and FM broadcast radio stations.

We are an Authorized Sales and Service Radio Dealer for Icom, HYT, Hytera, Vertex Standard, Relm, BK Radio and Titan along with carrying equipment from Feniex, Federal Signal, Wheelen, Jotto, Havis, Pro-gard, Pryme, Otto, Impact, Power Products, Boston Leather, Bee, Titan Body Cams and also some of our own products just to name a few.
We also offer Event Radio Rental for Film Shooting, Sporting Events, Manufacturing, Traffic management, Security, Church Events, Construction, Yacht racing/Boating club events and the list goes on.


If you need radio programming or service give us a call and we will be glad to take care of your communications life-line equipment.

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